Murderers Love Fried Chicken and Burgers

What do you think you would order for the last meal you were to eat before facing your death sentence? If I was sentenced to death, I would have a great meal. Or so I thought until now. Now I think I would probably ask for chicken and cheeseburgers. It’s the in thing.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has a web page where the general public can see what their inmates’ last meal requests are. You can actually see what they asked for, and then click on a link to see their picture and the crime that got them served that last plate of chicken, or that container of Cool Whip, or that bag of assorted Jolly Ranchers.

Click here to check it out.


Why’d They Take That YouTube Video Down?

How many times have you gone to check out a video on YouTube that someone sent you a link to and it’s not there anymore? Worse than that, how many times have you sent a link to someone, and the freaking video is gone? Then you’re sitting there, wondering who bitched about the video? Why did they remove it? Except for the Asian porn. You know damn well why they took it down; don’t play innocent.

Anyway, MIT Free Culture has a website called YouTomb, where you can find who took down what video, how long it had been viewable and why it was removed.