Why’d They Take That YouTube Video Down?

How many times have you gone to check out a video on YouTube that someone sent you a link to and it’s not there anymore? Worse than that, how many times have you sent a link to someone, and the freaking video is gone? Then you’re sitting there, wondering who bitched about the video? Why did they remove it? Except for the Asian porn. You know damn well why they took it down; don’t play innocent.

Anyway, MIT Free Culture has a website called YouTomb, where you can find who took down what video, how long it had been viewable and why it was removed.



One thought on “Why’d They Take That YouTube Video Down?

  1. Just had a claim by UMG against a video I just put up, didn’t take more then 5 frigging minutes, don’t they have real jobs!!!! I used Lord is it Mine from Supertramp, I have paid for this song a gazillion times, cd, album and itunes, maybe they should listen to the lyrics more carefully before they start putting claims against people.

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