One Man’s Funny Is Another Man’s Scary

I’m a weirdo. I have a lot of irrational fears, things that I just find unsettling. When I was three, one of my biggest fears was the television announcement that the regularly scheduled programming would be replaced with special programming. And the stupid thing about it was that I could be sitting in front of the television, waiting for the freaking special to air. But I just couldn’t hear the announcer tell me that the regularly scheduled programming wouldn’t been seen. I would actually have to run out of the room.

I’m a lot better now. I still have a lot of things that I find to be unsettling, but I don’t take them seriously. Time and experience have taught me that it’s just because I’m a weirdo.

But this video is where I draw the line. Someone sent this to me, and it was supposed to be funny. Whenever I watch this I want to run away like someone pre-empted Sanford and Son with A Charlie Brown Christmas. Can you imagine going to a public restroom to pee, and a cow barges in? Without knocking? You can’t even hold the door shut while squatting and say, “Someone’s in here,” because Elsie doesn’t understand. She just pokes her huge cow head in with those big cow eyes and invades your space.

It just goes to show, one man’s funny is another man’s scary. I won’t be using the restroom at the rodeo any time soon.


13 thoughts on “One Man’s Funny Is Another Man’s Scary

  1. Hi, Faith! Dr. John sent me today. I don’t know that the video is all that funny…but it is weird. What is it, some kind of Candid Camera deal? I wish I knew Spanish. Her tone of voice spans all language barriers, however.

    I remember disliking that tone stations use when a weather warning is about to be aired. Ick.

  2. Almost enough to make a drunk sober. Jeez! Caught your blog from Dr. John who has very eclectic tastes. I still cant get that cow out of my mind.

  3. I would put this in the not funny column as well. Just like those brides and grooms who push wedding cake into each other’s faces and they think it is funny….I don’t agree, it is childish!

  4. I don’t find that particularly funny but it is like America’s Funniest Home Videos people generally like to laugh at someone else’s discomfort.

  5. Definitely not funny. She’s yelling for help. I don’t find if funny to watch people in emotional distress, no matter how absurd the situation.

  6. It’s not funny at all. Firstly, invasion of privacy is a serious violation plus the cow getting there is one scary situation for a girl. She’s crying for real! No not funny! Whoever thought it to be funny deserves a whipping. Ok, maybe not whipping but locked in the toilet with the cow for a day!

  7. I felt more sorry for the cow. I read a story once about a cow who escaped from the truck on the way to slaughter, ran, and went onto someone’s porch for safety. I think they let the cow live, which is more than what this video deserves. No, not so funny. it definitely is not well categorized.

  8. not funny!!! and you know what else isn’t funny…all those videos, considered americas funniest home videos, of people getting into crazy accidents…my kids think they are hysterical…i can’t even watch them!
    thanks for the friendship add on blogcatalog…i will, most definitely, be back!!!

  9. Cows are darn scary–especially in this video. I sympathize much with your irrational fears. When I was little, I was terrified of Ronald McDonald (yes, the McDonald’s guy with red hair and nose).

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